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Trunk Monster Music

"I seen Superman die,

and Bart Simpson is really the Hero..."

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A seasoned veteran of the planet earth. The Gaboon MC is from the streets of Pleasant Grove in Dallas Texas. 3 has had an enormous love for Hip Hop his entire life. Ice T, Beastie Boys all of Def Jam Records from the '80s. Picking up the pen as a young man in the early '90s, learning about beats and writing rhymes, he joined a band, Hollow Point, and rocked the Dallas music scene. He wrote hardcore classics like "Little Man" and "Self-Esteem". Hollow Point slammed crowds around for 5 years in Dallas Clubs like Club Clearview, Trees, and the Galaxy Club.

In the early 2000s, while working in scene shops in Dallas, on his journey to becoming the Gaboon, 3 formed his Illcore band Pinch Collar, a 5 piece thrashcore rap band that pitted the crowd in the Dallas music scene.

NOW! The Gaboon MC has started chapter3 with PinchCollar's guitar player, we call him Sahchee!

Hard beats and venomous rhymes from a hard life!

Please enjoy our music.

The Gaboon MC

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