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No Need for a Hero

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"This music's my Confession..."

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A seasoned veteran of the planet Earth. The Gaboon MC is from the streets of Pleasant Grove in Dallas Texas. 3 has had an immense love for Hip Hop his entire life—Ice T, Beastie Boys all of Def Jam Records from the '80s. Picking up the pen as a young man in the early '90s, learning about beats and writing rhymes, he joined a band, Hollow Point, and rocked the Dallas music scene. He wrote hardcore classics like "Little Man" and "Self-Esteem". Hollow Point slammed crowds around for 5 years in Dallas Clubs like Club Clearview, Trees, and the Galaxy Club.

In the early 2000s, while working in scene shops in Dallas, on his journey to becoming the Gaboon, 3 formed his Illcore band Pinch Collar, a 5 piece thrashcore rap band that pitted the crowd in the Dallas music scene.

NOW! The Gaboon MC has started chapter 3 with PinchCollar's guitar player, we call him Sahchee!

Hard beats and venomous rhymes from a hard life!

Please enjoy our music.

The Gaboon MC

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